Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Richseam : a new website for music discoveries!

When you have the thirst for music discoveries, like me, you're always looking for a way to find new artists to listen to. For that, there are many possibilities :
- websites that also sells music : itunes, spotify, bandcamp, ...
- websites that helps the promotions of different artists : reverbnation, ourstage, noisetrade, youtube, blogs ...
- website used to fund new albums like kickstarter, pledgemusic ...

The other way can also be to look around the artist you like. If you like the music an artist does, you can be sure at 90 % that you'll like the music of their musicians friends. It can be a musician of this artist who also have a solo career, or someone who has opened a show for this artist during a tour, or they could have done a duet ...  Well, that's all about  Richseam  !

Richseam is a new website that lets you discover music through the collaborations and connections of your favorite artists. They've mined the internet collecting together over a million relationships from 100,000 musicians.

Richseam provides a really easy way to find artists. You can browse the website by the name of an artist or a band, by genre and by label and for each person you find, you will have a description of this artist with few songs and all the connection around him.

I think the concept of this website is a brillant idea. I've found so many artists by looking at connexions around few of them by the past and Richseam give us an easy way to do that. Besides it can be useful as much for music fan as for people who want to talk about them. So check out this website and I hope you'll find great music their !

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