Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Songs Before Bedtime with Heather Bond

Heather Bond has started a new project. During one week, she gonna write a new song before she goes to bed and post the video of that song on youtube immediately. People decide if they like this video or not. At the end of this week, people will have the possibility to choose their favorite song from the series and Heather will record that one. This is the 5th series.

If you RSVP to this event and vote for your favorite song at the end of the series, you will get a FREE download of the winner of the series once it's released! For that, go on her facebook page :

Heather has already post 3 songs. You can check them out below and

Songs before bedtime - Episode 1

Songs before bedtime - Episode 2

Songs before bedtime - Episode 3

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