Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adamant

The Adamant is a band from Austin, TX made up of the twin brothers Josh Olsen (vocals, bass) and Jeremiah Olsen (vocals, guitar). 

"The Adamant definitely brings a total package, from heart felt lyrics, and unique melodies, to their undeniable love for what they do. They have a sound that appeals to all ages, and they pride themselves on producing music that is perfect for every atmosphere."

Josh and Jeremiah has started singing and playing music at age thirteen. They have created the band The Adamant in 2008. 

The Adamant has released their debut album "Who You Really Are" in 2010. This album is currently available on Noistrade : . This album contains 11 pop/rock songs. The Adamant has found influence in such great bands anywhere from Coldplay to the Beatles, to U2, and many more. The particularity of their music is really this rich vocal blend provides by the twins.

You can also check out their great acoustic covers on their youtube channel

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