Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shannon Curtis : "Anti-Gravity" + House Concert

Shannon Curtis, the singer-songwriter from LA, has released a new single called "Anti-Gravity" from her upcoming full length debut album CINEMASCOPE, which should be ready in the first quarter of 2013.

"Anti-Gravity" is out since August 28th and you can buy it on Shannon's store. People who will buy that song will also receive a free bonus acoustic version of this song, recorded at a house concert in Sacramento, CA.

Talking about house concerts, Shannon has been doing fifty house concert in 15 states during the summer. "Curtis's groundbreaking touring approach is taking the new "direct-to-fan" marketing ideology to its extreme, and is proving to be both highly successful as well as "an amazing amount of fun," according to Curtis.".  She has made a video about it :

If you would like to listen to Shannon's great songs, you can still book a show. For that, you can contact Jamie Hill at Saint Cloud Records (

Shannon Curtis - "Brightest Lighr In The Room"

Shannon Curtis - "Let's Stay In"

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