Monday, October 8, 2012

Danish Special : In Memoirs

*All the artists for this danish special were kindly suggested by the amazing Ida Gard

In Memoirs is a solo project headed by the danish singer-songwriter Morten Fillipsen. His music transports  the listener a universe which is melancholic, soothing and dreamy at the same time.

"In Memoirs invites the listeners into a forest of sound where there is plenty of room to flow away into the music. The atmospheric songs tells the stories of past experiences and memories - hence the name "In Memoirs"."

The first single "Hiding Here With Us" was number one on the national Danish radio broadcast alternative charts. This single is available on itunes. I don't think they have an album yet.

In Memoirs - "Hiding Here With Us"

In Memoirs - "Stray Dogs"

In Memoirs - "This Is The Sound"

In Memoirs - "Rome Isn't Gone"

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