Sunday, October 7, 2012

Danish Special : Julie Maria

*All the artists for this danish special were kindly suggested by the amazing Ida Gard

Julie Maria is a singer-songwriter from Copenhagen. She writes pop, electronic and acoustic songs in danish (I wish I could speak danish to understand her lyrics ...) These songs have a catchy rythm whom you'll quickly become addicted.

Julie Maria has released her first album "Beautiful Minor" (an album in english) in 2004. Then she has released many albums :

  • "På kanten af virkeligheden" in 2007,
  • "Yaguar" in 2009,
  • "7 Sange" in 2011.
Julie Maria has been working on a new album called "Kom" which should be out October 29th, 2012. You can already listen to the first single of this album "Ude Af Mig Selv".

Each album is available on itunes and spotify.

Julie Maria - "Ude Af Mig Selv"

Julie Maria - "Gør det kort"

Julie Maria - "Gå alene"

Julie Maria - "Evelyn"

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