Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday The Indie Discovery !!!

Hey Guys !

Today is a special day ! Some of you might think "yes it's Halloween !" and you'll be right. The 31th of october has also another meaning for me...

One year ago, I had the crazy idea to create this blog. I've discovered some cool indie artists thanks to internet and I thought "well , maybe other people might like these artists too !", but I wasn't sure that people would read my blog and like it.. Results : after one year, around 198 artists or bands from all over the world have been featured on the blog, which is totally crazy (I have just realized the number!)!!! Who was your favorite artist(s) among this long list ?

The Indie Discovery made me discover great people, amazing artists and also great manager or promoter for these artists... whom some of them that I now call my friends.  I would like to thanks 2 people in particular which have been amazing supporters and friends, and also my bloggers family. This 2 people are Charlotte Gomes from Your Music Refill and James Wilson from My Random Jukebox. You should definitely check out their blogs as well ! Another special thanks to Clément Grellier who had the kindness to create cool logos for The Indie Discovery.

I've been less present on the blog lately but I'll try to make up for this delay as soon as possible. I have so many new artists to tell you about and there are always news about the artists already featured here. In one month and a half, I'll also be back with the christmas song series... So expect another year full of great music :) And if you have particular demand about the blog or music, don't hesitate to send message via e-mail, facebook or twitter.

When I've started the blog, I've never thought it would have taken this scale and all of this is thanks to all of you, who have been reading this blog or suggesting music ... I'm really grateful for that ! THANK  YOU ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! 


The Indie Discovery

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