Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scottish Special : Fluorescent Hearts

Fluorescent Hearts is a band from Glasgow and made up of Chris Ashton (vocals and guitar), Andrew Stuart (Bass) and Gary G. (drums).

"What sets Fluorescent Hearts apart from the average pop peddlers inundating the airwaves, is their unabashed love of a kaleidoscopic array of music and their ability to incorporate these influences into a sound that belongs solely to them. Beginning with a childhood love of pop punk and grunge, they maintain their rock roots but sway towards taking a perfect demographic of One Republic’s intricately textured yet song savy composition and Savage Garden’s timeless vocal melodies and sugary sweet instrumentation, singing about love and life, drumming up familiar emotions anyone can relate to."

Fluorescent Hearts have released their debut album "Anthem" on september 2012. This album is available on itunes and on their store. It's a great pop/rock album. These guys have all the ingredients to become a successful rock band.

Fluorescent Hearts - "Tell Her You Love Her"

Fluorescent Hearts - "Anthem Of The Heart"

Fluorescent Hearts - "Gasoline"

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