Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scottish Special : Holly Drummond

After the Danish special, I gonna start tonight a new special week with this time scottish artists. The first scottish artist to open this "Scottish Special" is Holly Drummond. 

Holly Drummond is a 18 years old talented singer-songwriter from Edinburgh.  I found her on Bandcamp yesterday and from the first seconds of listening she really blew me away !!! I think the first think I liked was her voice. She has a gorgeous tone of voice. Moreover, we feel a real maturity in her songs. I would have never thought she were 18 by listening to her songs.

"She writes astute, wry, introspective lyrics allied to beautifully crafted melodies, we can’t help but be impressed by the maturity and insight on display"

Holly has been writing and recording her own songs since 2009. Her youtube account has encountered a good success. She already have nearly 11 000 followers and you'll find there around 100 acoustic videos of her songs and also covers.

Holly has released her debut EP "Cloud Nine" in August 2012. This EP, available on itunes, contains 6 great songs that I highlly recommend. Here's some of them bellow :

Holly Drummond - "Girl That You Don't Know"

Holly Drummond - "Cloud Nine"

Holly Drummond - "The Hands Of Change" (feat. Lewis Mokler)

Holly Drummond - "Out Of My Mind"

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