Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alex Hepburn

Tonight I'm watching the 1rst episode of the 2nd season of The Voice, french edition and there's not a lot of candidates who amazed me until now. So I thought it could be a good occasion to tell you about a pure talent whom I became totally addicted since few months. I will also make an exception as this artist isn't indie but signed with Warner Music.

Alex Hepburn is a scottish singer-songwriter based in London. You may have already heard about her or if it's not the case yet, you will !!! This Uk artist, whose voice is often compared to Janis Joplin, gonna make the buzz this year !

"As it turns out she’s a rough diamond, the world has yet to discover. With her fine compositions, clever lyrics, handmade music between soul, rock and blues, and most of all with her impressing soul belter."

The first thing that has amazed me with Alex Hepburn is her powerfull and husky voice. Her songs are characterized by the tenderness and sensibilty of her soul and a mix of rock and blues music.

Alex isn't a beginner, she did the first part of Bruno Mars in 2011 during his european tour. Alex has also released her first self-titled EP in june 2012 which contains the songs "Pain Is", "Stop Fucking Around" and "Woman". You can buy this EP on itunes.

Her debut album should be out in February 2013. The first single "Under" is already available.

Alex Hepburn - "Pain Is"

Alex Hepburn - "Stop Fucking Around"

Alex Hepburn - "Look What You've Done"

Alex Hepburn - "Under"

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  1. I discovered Alex Hepburn's music through a friend's Facebook page a few weeks ago and was immediately smitten. I think she's got the potential of an Adele or Joss Stone. My only problem is that her music isn't yet available here in the US. "Look What You've Done" Alex; I'm "Under" your spell; please "Stop F*#@&+g Around" because "Pain Is" not being able to buy your music!