Saturday, February 2, 2013

Artists News n°12 : Special upcoming albums and tour !

Hi everybody,

last week I told you about Wayward Daughter, who are raising money for their new EP and Ida Gard's tour in Denmark. Other artists are going on tour on this 1st quarter on 2013 and lots of new albums should be out soon.

Caroline Savoie has prepared her second EP, which will be in french. This EP is expected for spring 2013. Meanwhile you can listen to the first single "Je pense à toi" on East Coast Music website :

Jc Villafan will be touring in Europe from February to September and in France during march/april. If you want him to come in your venue contact Charlotte Gomes at

Lelia Broussard, Bess Rogers and Hannah Winkler are doing a House Concert Tour in the west coast of the USA from February 8 to February 17.

Go on Lelia's website for more informations.

To give you an example of what kind of song you could hear, here's a live version of "Into the waves" by Bess Rogers, one of my favorite song from her last album "Out of  the Ocean".

My Anchor Holds has released a new EP of 6 songs called "Dirty Jesus". The Ep is available on itunes.

Penny Police's new EP "Sink or Sail" will be out March, 18.

The first single of this EP "Run For Your Life" is already available on itunes.

You can also listen to that song on spotify.

You can help the band Penny Rae to release their debut EP by pledging for their kickstarter project.

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