Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brooke Annibale

Brooke Annibale is a singer-songwriter from Pittsburg, PA and now based out in Nashville, TN. You have already had the occasion to listen to one of her song "By Your Side", which was featured on the Mixtape volume one : Indie Valentine. It's also how I started to get to know her music.

Brooke has released her first full-length album "Silence Worth Breaking" in 2011. This album has been described as  “phenomenal” by Stereo Subversion and Glide Magazine hailed as “the kind of record that some artists wait their whole lives to make”.

Brooke Annibale is back this year with a new EP "Words In Your Eyes", which has been released February 5, 2013. 
"the six tracks that comprise Words in Your Eyes are worth stopping whatever you are doing so they can be savored. “Silence Worth Breaking”—which did not make the final cut for the album it was named after—features Annibale’s new electric-meets-ambient sound and razor-sharp lyrics about the importance of communicating even if the subject is a difficult one."


By discovering all of her music, I've been immediatly captivated by her soft and bewitching voice. All of her songs exudes sensibility, accompagnied by well-written lyrics. This EP is an invite to a travel in the world of relationships, in the small world of things we feel, the feelings that we sometimes keep for us but whom "silence worth breaking".

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