Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artists news n°14 : Haley Dreis, Holley Maher, Kristyna Myles, Lelia Broussard and Shannon Labrie

Haley Dreis has posted a new song on youtube. This song is "Flame To Flicker".

Holley Maher has released a new EP "February".  It was produced by JT Spangler, in his living room studio in 3 days on a shoestring budget. 
"It was kind of an experiment to see what would happen if we stripped away all the fancy editing, production, etc., and just focused on the song, in it's truest and most raw form. It features vocal stylings and co-written songs by great friends and great musicians, including Jeremy Lister, Evan McHugh, Perrin Lamb, and Quinn Erwin."

You can buy "February" on itunes.

Krystina Myles performed her song "Heavy On My Soul" at Soul Sessions.

Lelia Broussard has a free show planned at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on March 12.

Shannon Labrie shared a new song on youtube. This song, Slow dance, is a beautiful ballad which features on her debut album "Just Be Honest" which was released February 5, 2013. This album is available on itunes.

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