Thursday, March 21, 2013

Artists news n°17 : Annie Drury, Heather Bond, Patrick Joseph, Penny Police, Rae Morris & Sarah Swagger

The second video of Annie Drury's Ont' Sofa Gibson Session is now online. This time Annie sang another new song called "Just The Way It Goes".

Heather Bond has a new song called "Friend Like You".

Few days ago, I told you that Patrick Joseph have a new EP called "Foot In the Door". He made a video for the first single of this EP "Foot In The Door".

Penny Police's new EP "Sink or Sail" is now available on itunes, spotify or if you prefer a physical copie you can also go on

This new EP contains 6 songs evolving in an atmosphere a bit melancholic and lulled by the melody of her omnichord and the glockenspiel. Marie's voice is of a fragile beauty and softly all along this EP.

Here's a video of "Run For Your Life" performed by Penny Police for Out In The North channel. By the way, check them out, there are many great artists to listen to on their youtube channel.

The young british singer-songwriter, Rae Morris, made an official video for her new song "From Above".
This song will be on her upcoming EP which should be out April, 22th. You can pre-order "From Above EP" on itunes or on recordstore website for signed physical copies.

Sarah Swagger has revealed a second song that will probably be on her upcoming EP. This song is "Keep Running".

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