Thursday, May 23, 2013

Live @ No Man's Land - Part 1 : Laura Esther

Last saturday, I went at No Man's Land, a really cool bar in a New Yorker bar style in Villeurbanne next to Lyon to see Laura Esther and Kristyna Myles performing.
Laura Esther is a young singer songwriter and student in music based in Villeurbanne, in the south east of France. She writes songs rather in a soul music style. Laura  has opened Kristyna's show with 4 songs : 2 orignials and 2 covers.
I've already had the occasion to see Laura performing last year with Jc Villafan so I was eager to see her again and to discover a bit more her musical world. And all I can say, is that it worth it !!!

Laura opened the show with a new song called "Lost". She wrote that song with Ben Williams, who is the guitarist of Kristyna Myles.

She also did 2 great covers. One of the song "Hey Ya !" by Outcast and one of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.

 Laura also sang her first song "Mysterious Boy".
Laura's performance was really great. She did amazing show and she has a beautiful tone of voice. I would have love to listen to more of her songs and this show made me think about the fact that this girl gonna do great things in the years coming.

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