Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Artists News n°21 : Special new songs

Alice & The Glass Lake has a new video for her song "Higher". This song will be on Alice & The Glass Lake's upcoming EP "The Evolution".

It's not a new song, but Alisa Turner did a video for one of her old song "Breathing". I've always liked that song.

  • Ben Williams
You may already know Ben Williams. He is the guitarist of Kristyna Myles. Ben has written several songs for other artists and also have a solo career. His music style is a mix of country, folk and blues music. He has an EP called "The Balloon String". You can buy it on bandcamp. Here's the video of the first song of this EP "The Ballon String".


Caroline Savoie performed "Little House" at Parkindale Hall May 18th, 2013.

Echo me has released a new song called "The Only One". The single is available on iTunes.

Jacob Gann sang a new song "Polaroid" live in Tulsa.

Kristyna is a supporter of Tearfund who along with 180 other charities are backing The Enough Food If campaign www.enoughfoodif.org . She wrote a song about this compain called "#IFsong".

Sheena Grobb sang a new song, "Already There" , from her new album "The Breakless Heart" in one of her last concert.

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