Friday, June 21, 2013

Artists news n°23

Anna Johnson made a video for one of her new song "You & I (The Waltz)".  

This song will feature on Anna's next full-length album. I'm raising funds to record the CD via tips on NoiseTrade for my FREE download of Randy Newman's, "Feels Like Home". Go here to download and tip :

Andrew Ripp recorded a live version of his song "Won't Let Go". This song features on his new album "Won't Let Go", which is out since April 16th, 2013.

Jenni Alpert did an acoustic performance of her song "Heaven" and annonced the released of her first vinyl for the album "Shining Light". You can buy this vinyl on Jenni's website.

Marie Dahlstrøm performed one of her original song, "Without Our Time", for Reload Sessions

Ryan Schmidt made an acoustic video for his beautiful new song "September". This song was co-written with Holley Maher.

The Wayward Daughter made a video for their new original song "Adventure". 

Their debut EP "How Long Will You Wander" is still available on their store.

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