Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Artists News n°26 : acoustic songs in the air

For today, here's a quick artists news with the particularity to be mainly based on acoustic songs offered by some artists you already know lately. I've always been a fan of acoustic version of songs. They have something more raw and magical, even if the original version is already amazing. I wish we could always have the possibility to purchase acoustic album with the original...

Alice & The Glass Lake had the occasion to record an acoustic session of some of her songs for Daytrotter in Nashville during Bonnaroo weekend. Alice & The Glass Lake did a beautiful session. The fact the songs are acoustic, it give to her music an additionnal touch of purity, in particular in "Higher". These acoustic songs seems to come out of a dream or an imaginary world with Alice Lake in the role of a fairy endowed with an haunting voice. To listen to the Daytrotter session, click on this great illustration below created by Johnnie Cluney.

Check out Daytrotter's website, they have lots of great music sessions to listen to.

The talented Annie Drury is finally back with a new song "River Flows". This song was just recorded  with Annie accompagnied by her piano for the moment (the song is awaiting strings) but the rendering is already outstanding. I would bet that we gonna hear about Annie Drury in the near future.

Annie also has a single "Some Day" coming out in the very near future and she should release a CD soon too.

Here's a first live taster of Jon Kenzies' new solo album with this new gem that is "Silly Little Thing".

Keep an eye out on Jon Kenzie's website or facebook page for further updates on the release.

From the sadness can emerge beautiful things... This could suit perfectly to Meiko's new song, as she has posted a new song "We all fall down" yesterday while she was feeling a little sad.

You can now listen to a new song by Paul Federici called "Strange Disease". This song is the 2nd track figured out on Paul's new record "Now and Then ..." which is available since June 2013 on bandcamp and itunes.

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