Friday, July 19, 2013

Sarah Williams is back with a new album !

If you read this blog for a while, you may remember the Nashville duo Sarah & Lindsay and their 12in12 project whose I've told you about a lot last year. By now, Sarah Williams and Lindsay Georges are both returned on their solo career. After a first album "Ruby", released in 2009, Sarah Williams is back with her second solo album called "Come Back Around".

"Come back Around" has been released in June 2013. This album offers a varied music style to the listener, from americana to jazz with some touch of soul. Some of the songs make me think about Norah Jones. The 10 tracks talk about love and relationships.

We can feel easily Sarah's jazz influence in songs like "Big Wedding" or "Swing a Little". The album also contains beautiful ballads like "Come Back Around", "Loving You Again " ...

If I had to choose  some songs of the record, that would be "Be Sweet To Me" and "Gonna Take Me". "Be Sweet To Me" is a catchy song. I like the rythm of that song. "Gonna Take Me" has a haunting music guided by Sarah's piano. This song is really beautifull. 

"Come Back Around" is a great album which offers a amazing relaxing moment in music to the listener. It worth to give it a listen.

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