Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Penny Police presents "I Do Care"

Penny Police, which recently has been in heavy rotation on mtvU in the United States, now presents a new music video filmed in Portugal.

The video for "I Do Care" has been made by the Danish / Portuguese director-duo, Sara Samsøe and Joao Botelho. The video was recorded in Braga, Portugal in an old apartment that most of all gives you a feeling of stepping into a museum of a bygone era. The apartment is Avó Adelaide's, João's grandmother. It is Avo who appears in the video. A video that depicts her lonely life - even when the cameras aren't Rolling.

So as you may have guessed, "I Do Care", Penny's new song from her last EP "Sink or Sail",  is a song which talks about loneliness and otherness in a modern time.

This video has been released in all simplicity, nevertheless each picture brings out a huge emotion. The sadness, lulled by Penny's melancholic music, is palpable during the whole video. With "I Do Care", Penny Police présents us a really beautiful video.

Over the summer, Penny Police plays the following festivals:
- Aug 2, 15.00: TRAILERPARK Festival, dayparty (Retardedly Bob)
- Aug 4, 21.00: Live Camp (Skanderborg Festival)
- Aug 14, 21.40: Made In Esbjerg
- Sep 27: Go-Jimmee! showcase, Hamburg, Germany

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