Sunday, July 28, 2013

Artists news n°27

Anna Johnson has made a new Living Room Session. This time, she has recorded a live version of her song "Someday".

You can watch the full concert that David Ramirez has done in Ft. Worth. on youtube. You can also download the audio of this live performance for free.

Holley Maher has released a video for the first track of her EP "Euphorics" called "Golden". The songs talks about being in love. So for this video, Holley has decided to to grab her camera and hit the streets of Nashville to try and capture love in real-life. The result of this video is really nice.

JD Eicher & The Goodnights has made a video for their new song "Aaron". These song will be on their upcoming album "Into Place" which should be out September, 10th.

Jules Larson has released a new single "Best Is Yet To Come". This song has been featured in an episode of the TV show "Switched at Birth". You can buy this song on itunes.

Jules Larson has also shared a new unreleased song on soundcloud lately. This song is "Delicate Eyes".

Lelia Broussard's new single "Runaway" is now available on itunes. Here's a video of a house show where Lelia had the occasion to sing this song.

Mieka Pauley performed a special after-the-show song "I Haven't Even Started With You" for the studio audience on the GingerNewYork TV Show on Friday June 28, 2013.

  • Novelette
Novelette (aka Cara Salimando) has started a kickstarter compaign to raise funds for her debut album. If you want to help Novelette, here's the link :

  • Secret Someones

Secret Someones is a new band made up with Lelia Broussard, Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler and Zach Jones. 

They have found this band after some dates touring together.

They will be debuting their new tunes at their show July, 31st at Rockwood Music Hall.

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Tanya Godsey made a new video for her beautiful song "You Make Everything Beautiful". This song features on her last album "Telling Time".

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