Saturday, August 17, 2013

Artists news n°28

Casey Hurt did a cover of the song "365 days" by ZZ Wards. I was already a fan of ZZ Wards' music and of that song. Casey did a great cover of that song. Check out the video below :

Heather Bond wrote a new song called "All Your Lies".

Jillian O has a new music video for her song "Lighter". This song is available on itunes.

Jon Kenzie made a new video for his song "Sing A Little Higher", which will be featured on Jon's upcoming second solo album.

Lelia Broussard has released a new single "Turn To Stone". This song is now available on itunes.

Nathan Angelo has a new song "Get Back". This song will be featured on his upcoming album "Out Of The Blue". This album will be released on September, 10th.

Ryan Schmidt has a new single called "Another Friend". You can buy this great song on itunes or bandcamp.

Sheena Grobb did a cover of the song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston at one of her last show. Check out the video below.

Wayward Daughter did a stage it show lately with their fans and did a cover of Domino/Wanna Dance with Somebody.

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