Monday, August 12, 2013

Introducing Aimée Mackenzie

During the weekend, I watched the festival Battfest online. Thanks to Battfest, I had the occasion to discover many great artists and one in particular has caught my attention. It's Aimée Mackenzie !

Aimée Mackenzie was performing with her younger sister Freya and her younger brother Ross. I'm always impressed to see the talent that young artists have, and they definitely were impressive ! I've been immediately captivated by Aimée's voice. You know, when you are listening to someone for the first time and that the first thing who come in your mind is "WOW"!

So Aimée Mackenzie is a 17 years old singer-songwriter from Liphook, Hampshire and she has performed on the local music scenes and festivals since she was 14. Following the release of her first self-titled E.P. and subsequent release to iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, Aimée is busy writing a whole raft of new material which she is currently performing at local music evenings.

Aimée Mackenzie - "Truth Be Told"


Aimée Mackenzie - "Walk A Mile"


Aimée Mackenzie - "The Argument"


  1. Check this out guys

    Aimée xx