Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Introducing Wilsen

Wilsen is a New York based band headed up by the singer-songwriter Tamsin Wilson. "Influenced by the likes of Austra, Nick Drake and Cat Power, Wilsen blend contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full intricate sound tagged "dream folk"."

Wilsen have self-released their debut albump "Sirens" in summer 2012. Their debut single "Anahita" was released in February 2013, followed by "Dusk" in June. "Sirens" is now available on itunes.

The beautiful and haunting voice of Tamsin Wilson  carry us away quickly to their unique musical atmosphere. "Sirens" is a catchy album. The music is built in a subtle way with a touch of softness and lightness .Each song of this album has an intoxicating power and never loses its grip on you. Wilsen bring a breath of freshness in the musical landscape. It's definitively the kind of music we hear too rarely, but which is so good to listen to.

Wilsen - "Anahita"

Wilsen - "Dusk"

Wilsen - "House On A Hill" (Buzzsessions)

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