Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing Little Creatures

Few days ago, a friend of mine told me about the band Little Creatures and recommended me to give them a listen cause they were amazing. Well, she was  100 % right ! Little Creatures is a fantastic rock band !

"... a duo steeped in classic pop-rock, with bright melodic hooks and just enough crunch to really sink your teeth in."

Little Creatures is band based out in Toronto and made up with Chris Ioannou (vocals, guitar) and Alison MacLean (drums and award-winning songwriter).

Originally, Chris was the rhythm guitarist and backup singer for Alison’s band Calling Wendy, the first outfit that Alison put together on her own. Alison was searching for the right vocalist without finding one that matched and after some times, Chris has appeared to be the perfect singer for "Little Creatures".

Little Creatures - "Lovelorn"

Their songs “Lovelorn” (2010) and “The Letter” (2012) have won accolades from the ISC (International Songwriting Competition).  Little Creatures have released their debut self-titled EP in June 2012. This Ep contains five catchy songs. It's hard to choose one or two songs from this EP as they are all awesome, but I would say that my favourite track is "Rainfall". After my first listen of this album, my first thought was "I want to listen to more songs!". 

Little Creatures - "Rainfall"

Alison and Chris are really good musicians and I think you should like Chris' voice and their great songs. If you like their music, you can buy Little Creatures' EP on bancamp or itunes.

Currently, Little Creatures is finishing up a full-length album as a follow-up to their self-titled debut EP, so expect new songs soon.

Little Creatures - "Breakdown"

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