Monday, September 2, 2013

Open the "Doors" on Ida Gard's new single

Today Ida Gard bring to light the 3rd single "Doors" of her new upcoming album of the same name. This song, which is now available on itunes, reflects perfectly Ida Gard's musical style.

This new single is looking good to be on of my favorite song of the album. "Doors" is a bit more rock than the previous songs "U Gonna Come?" and "Beginners". This song talks about doors closing behind us at some moment of our life. "Doors" combines touching verses to catchy chorus rythmed by electric guitars.

All I can say is that "Doors" promise to be a really good album to listen to. The official release is September, 16th and you can already pre-order it on itunes.

If you live in Denmark or in Germany, Ida will on tour in your countries between September, 26th and October, 31rst.

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