Saturday, October 19, 2013

Introducing Spinn

Spinn is an acoustic pop/rock band from New Jersey and made up with Stephanie Spinner, Cheryl Lynn Spinner, Megan Battaglia, Steve DeSteno and Dominick Velardo.

"Reminiscent of the Dixie chicks, the Gin Blossoms and the acoustic-laden styling of Ray Lamontagne, their unique melody lines grab audiences’ attention immediately and their ability to blend different genres always proves to entertain and inspire."

The band has released its debut album "She Was Heartache" in 2009. You can listen to "One Good Reason", a song from this album below.

In 2013, they are back with a new 8 songs album called "A Little Crazy". This album contains both ballads and rock and rythmed songs. Each song is transported by the beautiful blend of the girls' voices. If I had one song from this album to recommend to you, it would be "A Little Crazy". This song get stuck easily on your head. 

Spinn - "A Little Crazy"

Spinn - "So Hurtfull"

Spinn - "Addicted"

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