Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Sing A Little Higher" with Jon Kenzie

Jon Kenzie, the singer-songwriter from Manchester, has been working on his second solo album "Sing A Little Higher". This album will be released on October 22, 2013. I had the chance to discover this album before it's released and I can promise you that you won't be deceived about it !

In a world where electronic music and commercial hit tends to run the music industry, it's really enjoyable to have the possibility to listen to an album with the quality of "Sing A Little Higher".

Jon Kenzie - "Sing A Little Higher"

My first reaction when I started to listen this album was "Wow, it feels like I have Jon Kenzie and his band playing in my living room". Musically, this album is perfect. Each instrument is at the right place and there's just what you need to have and no superfluous. "Sing A Little Higher" was recorded live at Conversion Studios, Dorset with Jon's Manchester musical collective (Eryl Roberts : drums/percussion, Ben Williams : guitar, Matt Owens : double bass, Justin Shearn : piano).

Jon Kenzie - "Hang Me On The Line"

Moreover, this new album is a new occasion for Jon Kenzie to show us his great voice and amazing guitar player's skills. He is a amazing musician. When I listen to his guitar play on some songs like in the song "Sing A Little Higher", it make me think about another british musician Lloyd Williams. Don't you think that Jon with his guitar and Lloyd with his banjo could make a great duo ?

Jon Kenzie - "Puppet King"

This album is focused on the raw and intimacy of Jon's vocal and guitar performance. He bring us in a trip through an haunting musical universe composed by a perfect blend of blues, folk and soul music.

Jon Kenzie - "Silly Little Thing"

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