Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matthew Mayfield - "Track You Down"

Here's a new song from Matthew Mayfield 's forthcoming album : Track You Down

sweet lavender on an overcoat-- 
that scent you left on all my clothes 
i can still feel your heartbeat on chest 
your breath--it's gone

you can knock me out cold 
you can fence me in 
keep runnin all you want 
but i will track you down

it took a heart of stone to tell the hardest lie 
to trade a heart of gold for an alibi 
and i can't seem to separate these lines 
between the facts and your lies

you can talk all you want 
say you're 'all in' 
i'll take your ass on... 
i will will track you down

your mother, your father 
they're long gone by now 
the ceremony's over, husband makes his rounds 
but senses that something's gone awry outside 
and fears wraps its claws around his neck and squeezes tight

there's blood in the water and panic in the air 
he's racing, chasing the scent of your hair 
but he will chase... 
bits of lace 
from your wedding in the woods 
to your grave...your grave...your grave

i'll lock you up, cold 
i'll breathe you in 
i'll break you down slow 
cus I have tracked you down....

i have tracked you down 
i have tracked you down 
i have tracked you down

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