Friday, August 31, 2012

Young's Got Talent : Annie Drury

Annie Drury is a twenty years old singer-songwriter from Keighley, West Yorkshire. I've found her this morning thanks to a great suggestion from youtube and I've listened to her music on repeat since that.

"The style of music in which Annie creates, combines piano based melodies with effortless vocals through the influence of Folk and Soul music.". 

Annie was born into a musical family from an Irish folk background. Her father, a singer/songwriter and her late Grandfather was a well known flautist in the London/Irish music scene from the late 1940's . Both have been strong inspirational figures during Annie's early years. Annie's song writing has been influenced by timeless, classic female artists such as Joni Mitchel, Carol King and Kate Bush. 

She  has been performing and writing songs since a young age. Annie writes haunting songs.  Her gorgeous voice accompanied by the sound of her piano gives a captivating mix from the first to the last note.

In late Febuary 2012 Annie signed to Cuckoo Records, (a Leeds based record comapany) and has been writing and working on her new E.P with Bob Bradley.

Annie Drury - "Lullaby"

Annie Drury - "Tattoos and Brass Shoes"

Annie Drury & Jason Kyrone - "Run" Snow Patrol cover

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