Saturday, October 6, 2012

Danish Special : Pil & Liv

*All the artists for this danish special were kindly suggested by the amazing Ida Gard

Pil & Liv is a pop/folk duo made up of the two sisters Pil and Liv Clausen. They are based in Aarhus in Denmark. The marriage of their 2 voices with an acoustic guitar gives a unique folk sound that you should definitely discover?

"With their two very original and beautiful vocals Pil & Liv step into a creative landscape, where one can also encounter First Aid Kit, Feist, Alela Diane, City & Colour, Angus & Julia Stone, and many more artists representing a relatively different and new take on the indie folk music scene. "

Pil and Liv has released their debut album "Hangovers" in March 2012. You can find this album on itunes and Spotify.

A new EP should be released in 2013 and then a tour in Denmark and Canada is expected.

Pil & Liv - "Paperbag"

Pil & Liv - "7, 8, 9, 10"

Pil & Liv - "Sleep"

Pil & Liv - "Loopholes"

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