Thursday, October 4, 2012

Danish Special : Mads Björn

*All the artists for this danish special week were kindly suggested by the amazing Ida Gard

Mads Björn is a danish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based from Aarhus/Esbjerg.

Since 2004, Mads Björn has released many EPs and 2012 has been the year of his debut album "Monolith" released in Januray. The record buying audience promptly responded and the album made its debut in the danish album chart and ITunes album download top 20 chart.

"“Monolith” was recorded by Mads Björn himself at a little summer cottage by the sea in Jutland and is filled with some of the most powerful and dreamy rock music, that both brings early Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver and the singer songwriter Teitur to mind. But Mads Björn is first and foremost himself. He will take you on a musical journey and adventure that will stay with you for many months to come."

Mads Björn - "Evil Eye"

Mads Björn - "New Sailor"

Mads Björn - "Gold"

Mads Björn - "All In"

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