Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introducing Elle BK (aka Lee Beth Kilgore)

This week I found some videos of a performance by Lee Beth Kilgore at the Bitter End in New York in February. She has a gorgeous voice. She sang 3 great indie rock songs during that show. I fall in love with her song "Space". 

After few research, I could finally find some informations about that girl. So Lee Beth Kilgore is known as Elle Bk. If you live in LA, maybe you have the occasion to see her in a formerly band Yardley.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Elle BK has been writing songs since Junior High school. She was born into a musical family with a father who is a choral director, music arranger and has a Master’s degree in Music. From Birmingham to Nashville, then Los Angeles, and now New York – different inceptions of Elle BK have existed. She has now been playing guitar, writing songs, and performing in bands since 1992.

Lee Beth Kilgore - "Waking Life" live @ The Bitter End

Lee Beth Kilgore - "Space" live @ The Bitter End

Lee Beth Kilgore - "Falling" live @ The Bitter End

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