Saturday, July 20, 2013

Introducing Elli Schoen

Elli Schoen is a singer-songwriter from Fremantle in Western Australia. She performs accompagnied by Anthony Doherty on Drums, Tom Lucy on Bass, and Josh Harwood on Lead Guitar.

Elli has a unique tone of voice. I think this sentence from her bio describe it quite well : "Elli's voice is one that will take you on a journey with its seductive growling lows and soaring highs, all delivered with her trademark effervescent energy. "

Elli has released her debut EP "Love in Suburbia" in May 30th, 2013. You can buy it here. This EP contains several songs with a bewitching rythm like in "Love in Suburbia" or "Swooned". These songs are really catchy.

Elli Schoen - "Swooned" + interview @ Mojos Bar

This EP also contains a powerfull ballad called "Fourteen", which is the second single of this EP.

It's a pity that we can't listen to more songs at the moment. It's quite easy to feel transported by the effervescent and mesmerizing energy of Elli's music. I hope she will write another EP or a debut album soon.

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